The Splinter Project

The Splinter Project is a performance group at Aspire for kids age eleven and up. This group began about 3 years ago when we teamed up with The Splinter Dance Company out of Seattle. The Splinter Dance Company is a professional dance company whose mission is to “extend thought provoking dance performances to a broad range of audiences… As dancers and human beings we aim to splinter the perception of everyday life and provide the viewer with dance that questions the scope of each human’s experiences.”

Members of the Splinter Dance Company have become amazing mentors for our students. This has been a great opportunity for the students to experience what it’s like to be a professional dancer. They have had many prestigious performance opportunities in Seattle with The Splinter Dance Company, such as at the Neptune Theater and the Bush School. They have also performed locally at the Irrigation Festival, the Clallam County Fair and Sequim High School.

Most recently, they performed in Seattle at “Girlvolution” put on by the Boys and Girls Club to help empower young girls to be strong individuals. The Splinter Project incorporates ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary style dance in their pieces which are geared toward social issues relevant to them. Auditions are held in September and the kids are contracted through August. They are required to attend weekly rehearsals and Stretch and Strength class with once monthly workshops with The Splinter Dance Company.

Here is the latest performance:

This Splinter performance was taken in Seattle in July 2015  as our girls were part of an event.  This piece is called ‘Beauty’ – so very powerful.

Auditions are held in the fall and spring.

THIS YEAR’S AUDITION DATE IS SEPTEMBER 16, 2017, and will take place  from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 Aspire Academy.

The commitment to TSP includes:

  • Stretch & Strengthening class + Rehearsal = Tues 5:45 – 6:30 p.m. weekly – Instructor:  Naomi A.
  • Weekend workshop once a month
  • Periodic performances local and in the Seattle area
  • Signed contract

Total cost: $70/month + travel expenses for performances (This is an incredible deal, considering all the instruction time that the dancers are getting with Aspire and Splinter instructors.)

Splinter Project – 75 minutes – $78.28 month – includes monthly Saturday Workshop

671 – Tuesday – 6:30 p.m.
Instructor: Naomi

Stretch & Strength – 45 minutes – $50.79 month.

672 – Tuesday – 5:45 p.m.
Instructor: Naomi

The Splinter Project will be performing at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle on July 28.


Aspire Academy’s performance group The Splinter Project performed May 16 in Seattle at “Girlvolution,” an all youth-led social justice conference at Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club.

The conference consisted of workshops led by teens on issues ranging from addiction and depression to teen dating and the foster care system. There also were youth performances of poetry reading, music, and dancing. The Splinter Project performed two pieces titled “Bullying” and “Beauty”.

“Bullying” deals with the extreme issues of bullying and how young people can step up and have a voice in preventing harsh treatment of their peers.

“Beauty” is a powerful piece that addresses the issue of what media and society consider the “perfect woman” and the dangers that it leads to such as eating disorders, addiction and even suicide to try and achieve unobtainable perfection.

The Splinter Project began around three years ago when Aspire teamed up with The Splinter Dance Company, a professional dance company in Seattle. Their goal is to bring awareness and change regarding relevant social issues.

The dancers have to audition every September and are contracted through August. THIS YEAR’S AUDITION DATE IS SEPTEMBER 16, 2017, and will take place  from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 Aspire Academy.

The girls in the group this year are Kristina Holtrop, Eden Batson, Joie Darminio, Alyssa Lowe-Little, Allison Van De Wege, Saige Turner and Alisandra Baccus. The directors of the group are Naomi Alstrup and Joy Teel.