Sheet Music

Instrumental Music

Are you ready to Make Music?  We can help!  From New Beginners to Advanced Performers, our University-Trained Teachers can help you with your musical goals. With weekly group or private lessons, you build the foundations to enjoy music for a lifetime while playing the musical style you enjoy…Classical, Jazz, New Age, Musical Theater, Worship, or Rock.

Do you have more than one musician in the family?  With our Convenient Class Times, you can have 2 or more students in different programs at the same time…a huge time savings bonus!

Simply Music

Simply Music is a remarkable Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that has beginning students playing great sounding music immediately — from their very first lessons. Simply Music uses a completely new and revolutionary approach focusing on the sheer joy of playing and produces immediate results.  READ MORE >>>

Show Choir

An exciting new class for children who LOVE singing! Show Choir is an introduction to vocal performance. Students will be learning the fundamentals of singing, group and solo, in a fun and encouraging environment. Skills taught include; posture, breath support, pitch, articulation, dynamics, and confidence! A classic show choir song and a popular music selection will be practiced, along with standard choreography to showcase at recital.


Simply Music Rhapsody

Toddlers Make Music!   These classes include delightful songs, dances and musical activities using percussion instrument.  Music skills such as timing, coordination, and pitch matching are developed.  Language ability is enhanced through rhymes and singing games.  In addition to the high quality instruments, puppets, story books and colorful props make this an engaging time of learning.